Regain harmony with your body thanks toHarmonythérapie

An effective approach to achieving your goals

Be-Harmony is a network of wellness centers created in 2010.

The method used is Harmonytherapy.
It consists of stimulating energetic zones
with a light flux (soft laser).

This technique, inspired by acupuncture,
, was developed after several years of research.

It can help people who want to stop smoking, lose weight, manage stress, calm menopausal problems, treat insomnia or alleviate tinnitus.

Our Harmonythérapie


Smoking cessation and electronic cigarette cessation are possible with Harmonytherapy. Why not try theHarmonythérapie smoking cessation method?


Sugar addiction, appetite regulation or weight loss are all possible with the Be-Harmony protocol.


Manage stress and anxiety withHarmonythérapie laser One session and a radical change.


Hot flashes? Anxiety? Bloating? Ladies,Harmonythérapie will help you get over it.


Cannabis withdrawal is possible withHarmonythérapie. Why not try the infrared method to stop smoking?


Trouble falling asleep? Nightmares? Snoring? infrared treatment offers you a protocol.


You drink alcohol too frequently, for your own taste and that of those around you.... Harmonythérapie will help you overcome this.


Whistling? A constant buzzing sound? A laser session can help you reduce your tinnitus.

9/10 satisfied customers!

Laser centers throughout France and in neighbouring countries

Personalized follow-up throughout the therapy

A specialist is already waiting for you at
near you!

Be-Harmony has offices throughout France,
and in neighbouring countries.

" Thank you beharmony for your help. A little willpower a lot of your help and the goal is achieved. There was a relapse the second week(3cigarettes) but with a second session it's won. I don't regret having taken the 250-euro pack. It's a security over a year because I know that tobacco is vicious and that it can reappear at any time." 

Caroline Tatiekako