BE HARMONY is at your service and answers all your questions about the proposed laser therapy services, this new technique with exceptional results for: Quit smoking, lose weight and manage stress.

Not quite. The ex-smoker needs a motivation, the first days, after the application of the method. The latter acts mainly on tobacco addiction or physical dependence. It will do nothing against the strength of the habit and the weakness of the person in front of the requests of other smokers.
Without a real desire to put an end to smoking, there is no point in quitting smoking with this method.

No, it has been practiced for about 30 years successfully in Western countries. Only the technology that evolves over time offers increasingly sophisticated means to achieve efficiency faster and faster.

Absolutely not. If the method acts as the harmony therapy, no needle penetrates the skin. Rare testimonials speak of tickling felt during the session, nothing more. The method is really painless.

The non-medical method is not reimbursed by social security but in view of the savings achieved by buying more tobacco and especially the positive impact on your health, the cost of the session will seem derisory in hindsight.

Pipe tobacco, like that of a cigar, gives a pungent smoke difficult to inhale, but not very acidic, which allows the easier passage of nicotine into the blood. To prefer the cigar to the cigarette is of interest only if one does not inhale the smoke, which is rarely the case when one used to do it with cigarettes. If inhaled, the cigar is more toxic, especially because of the very high carbon monoxide content of its smoke.