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During menopause, the woman no longer has enough follicles because they were either used for the ovarian cycle or the follicular cells degenerated by follicular atresia. It is divided into several stages: pre-menopause (period of irregular menstrual cycles preceding menopause and the year following the apparent cessation of menstruation) and post-menopause (confirmed menopause).
Menopause usually occurs in the late forties or early fifties of women.

• feeling of swollen and bloated belly
• constipation
• unstable character
• insomnia in the middle of the night
• blow of pump in the afternoon
• depression
• anxiety
• Sudden mood changes and irritability (even for unimportant things)
• headache
• breast tensions: impression of constantly inflated breasts
• Menstrual cycle disorders include: shorter or longer cycle or very mild discharge over several days (pre-menopausal) until complete absence (menopause)
• decreased libido
• night and morning sweats
• metrorrhagia (out-of-period flow of supposed rules)


A session to manage the symptoms of menopause, what happens?
The BE HARMONY practitioner first starts by doing a review with you in order to get to know you better and to be able to personalize your treatment, adapt it to your own needs.
Subsequently, BE HARMONY explains the treatment in detail and offers you a protocol to help you in your approach.
The standard treatment protocol:
• 5 to 10 sessions of 40 minutes with laser stimulation, (2 sessions per week)
Other meetings are possible, if necessary, for a better follow-up in order to reach the fixed objective.

The results felt after laser therapy treatment, may vary depending on the motivations of each.


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