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Physiology of stress
Stress is considered an energy imbalance. When the internal circulation of energy is disturbed, health suffers. In a healthy person who lives in a healthy environment, energy flows smoothly. But any disruption will cause an energetic “traffic jam” or organ damage that results in insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, loss of libido, decreased sense of humor and stress.
Stress is the condition that results from pressure applied to an organism. This pressure can be caused in women and men by internal or external demands that are the stressors called “stressors”.
Stressors can come from work, or from friendly, environmental, financial or family demands that are difficult to meet. They may also be of internal origin and may be the consequence of self-imposed obligations, guilt, anxiety, self-criticism, conflicting values, illness or psychological stress.


A session for CONTROLLING STRESS what happens?
The BE HARMONY practitioner starts by making a review to get to know you better and to personalize your treatment, adapt it to your own needs.
The standard treatment protocol:
• 4 one-hour meetings with laser stimulation, once a week
Other meetings are possible, if necessary, for a better follow-up in order to reach the fixed objective.

The results felt after laser therapy treatment, may vary depending on the motivations of each.


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