The method


Laser Harmony Therapy – Method for Quitting Smoking, Losing Weight.
It is a technique developed by the famous Lyon doctor Paul Nogier.

The centuries-old therapy has been successful in healing addictions.
It assumes that the outer ear has links with all other parts of the body. By stimulating it in the right places, the ear is a part of the body that can treat many problems: Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress Management.

To stop smoking, help you manage stress or lose weight, discover the infrared laser method. This method allows effective cessation of tobacco and makes it a high-tech variant of the harmony therapy.
It artificially stimulates the strategic points of the ear corresponding to the treatment of dependencies. For the cessation of tobacco in particular, the harmony therapy gives incredible results. Laser treatment is an alternative of choice to nicotine substitutes. Its extreme effectiveness in the treatment of addictive addictions is now highly recognized by medical institutions.

The infra-red laser is a smoking cessation method that has been used for a long time in Europe, Australia and more and more in Canada by acupuncturists, physiotherapists, dentists, dermatologists, obstetricians and many other health professionals. Several studies in Europe and the United States demonstrate the effectiveness of the infra-red laser in the treatment of several pathologies, including tobacco dependence.The alteration of the senses is one of the consequences of tobacco.
This is why anti-smoking laser treatment acts directly on the senses: taste, smell. The treatment also acts on stress, appetite, nervousness and dependence. With this method that will allow you to quit, manage stress or lose weight, you will find small pleasures of life that you have probably forgotten.

The results felt after laser therapy treatment, may vary depending on the motivations of each.

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