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Laser harmony therapy allows the control of the appetite with a soft laser. This treatment stimulates certain points of the stomach. The appetite is reduced so it results in a decrease in the consumption of food.
The feeling of hunger is calmed in a natural way allowing the stomach to limit the amount of food consumed without suffering. The goal is to reduce your portions, fight cravings, prevent sugar cravings.
Some points are also added to relieve the stress that is often responsible for our excessive consumption of food. In addition to reducing our appetite, which promotes weight loss, this treatment gives us an immediate feeling of well-being.
Hunger is a sensation that is controlled by the hypothalamus. This gland has a center of appetite and a center of satiety. The treatment raises the level of hormone in the blood which reduces the subject’s desire to eat.


A session for CONTROLLING THE APPETITE and LOSS OF WEIGHT, what happens?
The BE HARMONY practitioner first starts by doing a health check with you to get to know you better and to personalize your treatment, adapt it to your own needs.
Afterwards, BE HARMONY explains the treatment in detail and offers you a food cure to help you in your approach (cure adapted to your eating habits or possible allergies).
The standard treatment protocol:
• 4 one-hour meetings with laser stimulation, once a week
Other meetings are possible, if necessary, for a better follow-up in order to reach the fixed objective.

The results felt after laser therapy treatment, may vary depending on the motivations of each.


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